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Measuring Guide

Measurements to take for each item are given on each page. For a perfect fit follow these tips…

• When measuring the bust, always measure yourself at the fullest part.

• When measuring your waist, always measure yourself at the narrowest part of your torso.

• Some items say measure waist or wherever you’d like skirt, trousers to sit. In this case measure wherever you’d like the item to sit, narrowest part of waist or otherwise.

• When measuring your hips, always measure the fullest part. Unless it is for a blouse in which case this measurement is wherever you’d like the blouse to end. You might want it to sit above your hip, in which case give this measurement.

• It always helps to stand in front of a mirror with your measuring tape or find a friendly person to help you. I’m always sitting prepared with my measuring tape to give any assistance!

Please ask me for any advice »