• New Products: An Appliqued Bag and Embroidered Napkins and Hand Towels

    Numerous relatives birthdays have inspired a new range of homewares and a new bag.

    The hand towels (a birthday present for my Mother) are decorated with an appliqué of my handprint using recycled fabric. Send me your or your children’s handprints for your own set of personalised hand towels. One hand towel will cost you £8

    decorated tea towel with reclaimed fabric

    The handbag was made for my Grandmother, decorated with a blue tit and an iris. Let me know your grandmother’s favourite flower and bird for her very own. Costs around £15 for a lined bag.

    Iris and Blue Tit BagDetail of Iris and Blue Tit bag

    The embroidered napkins I made for my Mother’s birthday are made with an unused tablecloth, which was worn in the centre but the rest of the fabric was in good condition and hence were turned in to napkins. I embroidered one of the upcycled napkins with my Mother’s initials. An embroidered napkin will cost £8, a plain one £5. If you have your own tablecloth or fabric you’d like me to use the cost will be half the prices given.

    Homewares by Bobbins & Robbins

    Homewares by Bobbins & Robbins

    Any requests? Contact me here

    Watch this space for more new homeware items!

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  • Bears Get Beatle Make Over

    You may have seen the cute little Bobbins & Robbins bears I made last Christmas to sell at Brighton Craftaganza’s Fair. Now you can buy them in the guise of the Fab Four… or any other famous type. Just let me know.

    One famous bear made with reclaimed and recycled fabrics will cost £10.

    Handmade Bears - The Beatles

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  • Fun at the Fair

    B&R Stall at Brighton Craft Fair

    Here I am at Brighton Craftaganza’s Christmas Fair. I had a great day. The toys were a great success. Thanks to the Brighton Craftaganza Crew who did a brilliant job organizing everything. Go to Brighton Craftaganza’s blog here. For your very own personalized teddy, badger or any other animal please contact me using the online form here

    Bobbins & Robbins Handmade Teddy Bears

    These are some teddies I made to order. I can do any colour bow or fabric and will always endeavour to use recycled fabric. The little bears stand 4.5″ tall, I can do them larger if wanted. I hand-sew on the head, limbs and little smiley faces. A little bear will cost £5.

    Handmade badger with yellow stripes

    Here’s a badger I made to order. The client wanted to incorporate yellow, so I gave him yellow stripes. He’s all used with recycled fabrics. A badger will cost you £15. Have a look at other Great British Wildlife Soft Tweed Toys here

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  • Denim Dress – Project Judy

    Challenge Twelve

    old denim dress for upcycling

    I totally resized Gran’s unwanted denim dress for a closer fit. I removed the sleeves and separated the top from the skirt. I popped it over Scarlet’s head and put in new darts. I stitched the skirt back up to the top. Hey presto.

    Denim Dress

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  • Feather Bib Top – Project Judy

    Challenge Eleven

    old skirt for upcyclinganother old skirt for upcycling

    I used two of Gran’s unwanted skirts for this feathered applique top. I quickly stitched up a basic throw-over-your-head t-shirt. Then used the off-cuts plus a few scraps of goldie fabric I had stashed away (also second hand) along with bonda-web and machine stitching to create the feathery bib.

    Feather Bib Top

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  • Playsuit – Project Judy

    Challenge Ten

    Second hand trousers for upcycling

    I love this colour so much. I had to do something super summery with it. Only one thing for it – a playsuit! I chopped off the length of the trousers into shorts, hemmed them up. The waistband was originally a size 20 and I decreased it to about a size 10 by cutting trough the waistband and shortening the elastic and stitching it up again. I created the top from the off cuts from the length. I made a pattern using my dressmakers dummy to do so. I whizzed through some straps and stitched on a couple of second hand buttons. Ready for the sun!

    Playsuit by Bobbins & Robbins

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  • Pink Skirt – Project Judy

    Challenge Nine

    Pinky jacket to skirt

    I used the rest of the lesser pink jacket to create this skirt. I wrapped it round Scarlet and utilized the buttons to be fastened down the hip. I cut off various sections to add to the length and stitched together the gaps. The sleeve I had left from the jacket created the flounce at the back. I stitched this in place for affect.

    Pink Upcycled SkirtBack of Upcycled Skirt

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  • Pink Stripped Blouse – Project Judy

    Challenge Eight

    Pink blouse for upcyclingAnother item for Bobbins and Robbins upcycling

    This item was made out of two unwanted items – a bubble gum pink blouse and a lesser bubble gum pink jacket. I popped the first mentioned on to Scarlet back-to-front to utilize the buttons and give a smooth front. I chopped off the collar and sleeves and trimmed the length and hemmed it all off. Next I took the lesser pink jacket and cut off several strips and simply stitched em up.

    Upcycled Pink Blouse

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  • Rose Print Shorts – Project Judy

    Challenge Seven

    Second-hand rose print blouse

    I love shorts at the moment. Maybe because it’s so windy round Brighton and because of this, skirts can seem a skittish choice. Thus this blouse became a pair of shorts. I used a classic Eighties trouser pattern I picked up at Snoopers Paradise some time ago. Fitting the pattern on was a bit tight but with a bit of slicing and stitching various pieces of the ex-blouse together I got there. I took trip to the hab for a bit of binding to give the waistband a little more wear-ablility.

    Upcycled Rose Print Shorts

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  • Lilac Dress – Project Judy

    Challenge Six – Lilac One Shoulder Dress

    Originally a blouse, I cut this item in to several sections and stitched them together to create this panelled one shoulder dress. I placed darts at the bust and round the back. I picked up a couple of frogs from my local haberdashery and added a couple of poppers to fasten.

    Old lilac blouseLilac upcycled dressLilac dress detail

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